Psalm One

Will I have eyes to gaze on God,
may I feast with all his saints?
At his judgment will I stand,
rest within his sacred gates?

Not if I approve of folly,
or with irreligion play,
speak as those who scorn my God,
with liars make my way.

For God beholds the paths of men:
righteous men he warmly knows;
those who make their way profane
make themselves Jehovah’s foes.

I will reverence God’s name,
hate lying, theft, and strife;
sacrilege and lust abhor;
honor those who gave me life.

In whole then, I will worship God,
true affection offering –
Jesus Christ will grant me this,
all my hope safe-harboring.

Then when I’ve learned heaven’s ways
walking them by faith, while blind,
I shall travel there to walk
the ways of God in a new kind.

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