First Issue “Life of Beasts” Author’s Journal of Inventive Literature

In the Sea excerpt

On September 22, 2017 The Academy of Inventive Literature published the first issue of The Author’s Journal of Inventive Literature. The Theme of this first issue is “Life of Beasts” – with animal-themed poems and stories.

The issue also includes an editorial on “Unsubtracted Poetry” by yours truly, the editor-in-chief. In this editorial I hold forth, in my most entertaining manner, on a recent history of poetry and how everything that once made poetry what it was, has been subtracted by various groups interested in ideological change. And then I invite the reader to stick out his tongue, along with our whole carefree company, at the grim cultural orthodoxy that enforces these subtractions.

I’m proud of our first issue. The poems are beautiful and rich; the stories are delightful, companionable, and wild.

And anyone who likes can see a free image-rich preview, complete with apt quotations from the issue and a full table of contents, by going to the acadlit website. You can even share gorgeous quotes and graphics on facebook and twitter.

Click here!

Writers, please note: the AJIL is a paying market. We are looking for traditional stories, poems, and creative nonfiction, in most genres, at a literary level of diction.

The deadline for the Winter issue is December 1st, and the deadline for the Spring issue is March 1st. Do read our submissions guidelines – we are fairly picky.

Messengers excerpt 3

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