Why Have you Given Me Bitter

Why have you given me bitter to drink?
I always was nursed on sweet –
Why have you poured contempt down my throat
And only despite to eat?
My hair disperses with every wind
And disappears with my heat –
My shoulders and hips are pressed out of joint
by the bonds on my hands and feet –

4 thoughts on “Why Have you Given Me Bitter

  1. For some reason, wordpress is not letting me “like” this. So here is the longer way of saying “like!”

    Out of curiosity, why stop where you do? The verse reads so well as a reworking of Psalm 22, up to “all my bones are out of joint.” That’s what I thought you were doing, until the poem suddenly stopped. (I suppose this is a not too subtle way of saying “I like this so well that I think you should definitely continue . . . “?) 🙂


  2. I should add that I hope this poem doesn’t describe some pain that you are going through currently. I assumed this was just a poetic exercise. If not, I apologize. All my prayers are with you.


    • You assumed correctly, including the connection to Psalm 22 – though I wasn’t trying to make a one to one conversion, just use it as a literary starting point. I guess I stopped because the inspiration ended but I could try to continue it.

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