Nation Is Not Church

  “Forgive,” the Church’s founder said. “Don’t judge or punish. I’ll atone.” For centuries the Christian Church refused to cast the first stone. “Do good,” our great apostle warned. “The king holds not the sword in vain.” So Christian nations asked for earthly justice from the one who’d reign. Now times have changed. The saints…

The Marginalized

Housebreakers, murderers, rapists and frauds Are pushed to the margins, unheard and alone. Hypocrites! Think of the fact we’re all flawed And give these poor fellows a big megaphone.


Al Hamilton of Broadway fame So Mistress Cleo says Designed the college many blame For sanctioning our latest Prez. And why? Because the scheme creates A union, not of crowds but states.

Attempt at a Definition for the Word “Seriousness.”

Seriousness is an attitude in a person, toward some subject, assigning such importance to that subject that it eventually but inevitably mitigates against any frivolous, insufficient, dishonest or partial approach to that subject.  Note: True seriousness must be distinguished from an attitude which might be termed pseudo-seriousness, under the influence of which people assign an…

Why Have you Given Me Bitter

Why have you given me bitter to drink? I always was nursed on sweet – Why have you poured contempt down my throat And only despite to eat? My hair disperses with every wind And disappears with my heat – My shoulders and hips are pressed out of joint by the bonds on my hands and…