4 thoughts on “Official Ebook Release of ‘Her Ratty Hair, Her Wayward Brain’

  1. Hey Alana, the book looks tantalizing. I’ve been waiting to pick up a copy for quite a while now. But I’m a bit of an old fashioned reader so I’m still waiting on a print version. Do you anticipate any updates on that score?


    • Well that’s encouraging!

      Yes, the print version is very close to being ready. I have a proof in hand. No more revisions are being done, but there is still a little trouble about the formatting. I may be able to report the release within the week.

      Would you like a free copy in exchange for an Amazon, Goodreads, or blog review? Honesty being preferred to flattery or salesmanship, of course. I think the best impression I can make is to be seen to be read and discussed by people who are not personal friends and family.


  2. I ordered the print version from Amazon and received it yesterday. I’ve read the first two stories and found them completely satisfying. Can’t wait to read more, but alas, work calls. Just to let you know. Be well.


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