Writing Update

Three things. First, why I haven’t been blogging. We moved to the country and now I don’t have internet for my computer – just phone data! That may change soon but will likely remain limited. I’m loving the countryside, though.

Second, the delay of the appearance of Her Rattiness. Back in March, I stayed up late doing a final edit and didn’t backup the altered manuscript. In the morning my lovely daughter poured milk on my computer. Only a few weeks ago, I finally figured out how to retrieve the manuscript and cover from the hard drive. I began the process of publishing but the page numbers being wrong, problems with formatting began to appear. I am currently fixing those.

Finally, Signum University’s “Almost An Inkling” Creative Writing Contest. I’ve won the Literary Prize for week two! You can read the story by searching for the contest and downloading the pdf for Week Two Winners.

Our own Laura Crouse of Theodora Society won week one and gained an honorable mention this week. Congratulations!

The contest has three more weeks, including a poetry week, which my readers should jump at.

Talk to you all soon.

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