Excerpt from “The Divine Dialogue”

Return, O Son of Man!

Return to the Dust
which cries to you:

you have wept with tears of men;
now, look,
I weep also:
one tear for you is hard-wrung from my dusty eyes.

The Lord is grieved with a man’s heart.
This I have felt with sudden knowing.

I am appalled; I faint;
I cannot bear the wounding.
It was I,  Lord.

If I have sinned,
now I beseech you
return me good for evil:
that your goodness may be enlarged.
Fit me to walk the holy path with you.

I will go down,
the paths of death
to the halls of life;
what is the valley of the shadow of death,
if you are with me?…


If you want to read the rest of the poem, it’s here.

2 thoughts on “Excerpt from “The Divine Dialogue”

  1. I went to the poem itself, and got stuck here, below.

    * * *

    Return, Lord.
    How long
    will we wait for you?
    How long will we stare upon our own sores
    and not return to you?

    We have afflicted ourselves
    with bruises and lacerations from our own fingers,
    with wailing and vomiting.
    By the will of your enemy
    we are flying apart in dark places;
    we dissolve to
    dust whipped by colorless winds;
    in desert places we fly apart unwilling.

    We look to you,
    but do not see even the edges
    of your garment.

    We raise our hands;
    we touch nothing.

    We forget to weep for ourselves
    feeding on dung and ashes;
    to ashes we return
    fading into dolten slumber

    Who raises us to sudden
    of our misery?

    Who are you, Lord?



  2. Thank you for your reply, Albit. I guess you and I are similar types; I have often felt that way, too.

    I edited your comment(s) according to your expressed wishes but just so you know, I never thought twice about the expression you used! After all, it does have a literal meaning!

    A glorious and holy Pascha to you.


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