A Star Is Too Far


Through water iridescent
fish whip.
Through darkness effervescent
stars slip.
Travelers incessant:
Some never see the spreading sky
Some go and go and never by.


To stone stretched out in range on range
that stared up at the newborn sky
the final lot here falls to lie
where light is lost and air is strange.

Here lies entombed in wave on wave
Earth, the universal grave.


But a star is too far:
Long-kindled height;
Irrational sprite
of a body since dead;
Arrow of gold from an archer since fled;
Hovering spark
from fire gone dark.
Stars are holes pricked in the night;
Merry distant torches alight,
lining the roads of an upside-down park.

2 thoughts on “A Star Is Too Far

  1. I’m glad I came across this today. You have a beautiful way with words. They stir up dormant childhood memories. Blessings to you.


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