“Johnny” Turns Two


Our son, whom I call Johnny on this blog, just turned two. His dad, tired of elderly ladies mistaking Johnny for a little girl because of his glorious blond curls, extracted from his mom a promise to cut said curls after the birthday. All right, says Mom. But how are curls logically feminine?

Oh well. A man’s son’s sexuality is half of a man’s own. Off come the curls, and our baby is that much closer to maturity.

But first we got pictures.

Happy Birthday, angel child.

6 thoughts on ““Johnny” Turns Two

  1. Thanks for the good wishes, Elizabeth and Emeline.

    Matt, I’m glad you like the picture; I do, too. The copyright belongs to Portrait Innovations but I’m proud to say I helped set it up.


  2. Johnny is so cute! He reminds me of my priest’s son who is 2 1/2 years old. They have yet to cut his curls! He is blonde too and his curls are massive. Could you post a picture of him without his curls? It would be interesting to see the difference.


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