Poem X: Psalm One in Verse

In the tradition of Isaac Watts, this rhyme is rather brittle but expresses biblical piety. Also in his tradition it conflates New Testament gospel with Old Testament song…and in my case I threw in the ten commandments.

It’s a relic of my search for true religion, about the time immediately before discovering Orthodoxy. I think it’s apparent…or at least it is to me…how I was progressing toward the Church without knowing what it was I was coming to.

In line 12 I would probably say “make” rather than “mark” now.

 Will I have eyes to gaze on God,
May I feast with all his saints?
At his judgment will I stand,
Rest within his sacred gates?

I must not gladly look on sin
Nor with irreligion play,
Speak as those who scorn my God,
Nor with liars make my way

For God beholds the paths of men
Righteous men he warmly knows.
Those who make their way profane
Mark themselves Jehovah’s foes.

O Let me reverence God’s dear name,
Hate all lying, theft, and strife
Sacrilege and lust abhor
Honor those who gave me life

In whole then, let me worship God
True affection offering
Jesus Christ will teach me this,
Cleanse me of my heart’s failing

Then when heaven’s ways I’ve learned
Walking them by faith, while blind,
I shall travel there to walk
The ways of God in a new kind

2 thoughts on “Poem X: Psalm One in Verse

  1. Bravo! Your Puritan roots are beautifully displayed here. It reminds me of Cowper, and could’ve been ripped right off the pages of “A Sacrifice of Praise.”

    Too bad we Reformed don’t write verse anymore. Perhaps that’s a big reason why so many of us are exploring the sacramental path.

    Keep em coming!


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