The Marginalized

Housebreakers, murderers, rapists and frauds Are pushed to the margins, unheard and alone. Hypocrites! Think of the fact we’re all flawed And give these poor fellows a big megaphone.


Al Hamilton of Broadway fame So Mistress Cleo says Designed the college many blame For sanctioning our latest Prez. And why? Because the scheme creates A union, not of crowds but states.

Attempt at a Definition for the Word “Seriousness.”

Seriousness is an attitude in a person, toward some subject, assigning such importance to that subject that it eventually but inevitably mitigates against any frivolous, insufficient, dishonest or partial approach to that subject.  Note: True seriousness must be distinguished from an attitude which might be termed pseudo-seriousness, under the influence of which people assign an…

Why Have you Given Me Bitter

Why have you given me bitter to drink? I always was nursed on sweet – Why have you poured contempt down my throat And only despite to eat? My hair disperses with every wind And disappears with my heat – My shoulders and hips are pressed out of joint by the bonds on my hands and…